Prototypes Assembly and trial 2017-06-03T23:31:24+00:00


Il Prototipo is based on the functional trial of your products, possible through instrumental tests and the creation of control devices.

The functional specifications given by the client is the background material from which we identify the testing phases and the most appropriate technique and devices.

If it is not possible to use commercial instrumentation due to several issues based on availability or economic issues, we will consider custom-made solutions. The product test can be done inexpensively with a microprocessor, mechanics and electronics designed ad hoc. Thanks to the internal creation of the majority of the pieces with CNC machines, the device is assembled with a very accurate attention to details and even with as low cost as possible.

Optical inspection system, color analysis, mechanical survey, handling tools, bed of nails, jig test, test probe, interconnected systems, all of these are only a few issues we have already talked about. The test report realized on each product can be manual (TDR) or automatic (Ticket).

Is then possible to have an ink or a laser marking for each tested product. Just ask before you buy expensive trial devices, we might have a cheaper and customize solution.