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Cost Analysis and Cost Reduction 2017-06-03T23:31:34+00:00


The manufacturing costs of a product depend essentially on the components and processes employed in its construction.

Technologies are advancing and with it the performance of the products, in order to counter competition, a constant analysis and cost reduction is needed.

Fortunately, the growth of technology always means lower costs, smaller components, and higher performances. A good product is one that performs the same performance at the lowest price and in the simplest possible way.

“The prototype” is a partner in product cost analysis by identifying the most suitable circuit and engineering solutions by eliminating unnecessary or obsolete components and processes. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of production processes and design techniques allows us to easily determine whether your product can be redesigned to cost a lot less by guaranteeing its unchallenged presence on the market.

Please feel free to contact us to find out that the costs of any re-design will be reimbursed immediately, giving you the widest possible profit margins on your products.